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The many uses and benefits of GPS

Cleaning & restoration companies see growth and opportunity

Earl Salandanan insists that customer communication gives his cleaning & restoration business an edge. “Let’s face it—communication has changed drastically in the last 5 years, “ said the founder of CSI-Absolute Clean, Inc. “Eighty percent of what we do is focused on communication because that’s what separates you from your competitor. Using Linxup, I can  give my customers a more accurate estimate of when we will be there.”

Small businesses in every industry are learning more and more that technology and data are the keys to success. For the cleaning & restoration industry, proper dispatching, the ability to respond quickly to emergencies, and the ability to keep track of their valuable equipment all factor into a successful and growing business rather than a struggling one. GPS is the secret to that success.

Immediate Benefits

The value of GPS is pretty immediate. When Salandanan installed Linxup GPS on his vehicles and equipment, he had instant insight into the locations of crews, equipment left behind at job sites, and more.

But he soon realized there was more than just knowing where things were. All those lists, and spreadsheets, and other manual processes his office staff were used to suddenly were no longer needed. The GPS system completely eliminated the need to do constant inventory checks, and freed up staff to tackle work that helped grow the business instead—such as marketing campaigns, customer communications, and tradeshows.

The Things No One Has Time For

Part of that time-savings includes making it easier to take care of the things that no one has time to plan, but can hit revenue if not monitored.

Take maintenance. When a crew starts their day with a check engine light or a stalled vehicle, suddenly everything is chaos. They can’t make it to their assigned job site for the day, other crews need to be scrambled, and inevitably there is at least one customer getting a phone call they don’t want.

Cut to a system managed by GPS. For each vehicle tracked, the back office can decide on frequency of preventative maintenance and schedule alerts based on mileage or hours of use. Now they’ll get advance notice when oil changes, tire rotations, and other items are coming due; they can even have those alerts sent straight to their mechanic to get on the schedule. And that check engine light? It might be something serious, or it might be something that can wait. GPS trackers can provide the code so managers can decide if trucks need to be swapped or if crews can continue on with their day.

Revenue Revenue Revenue

When all the minutia is accounted for, the entire staff can be focused on increasing revenue. Here’s where GPS pays for itself—especially in several key areas.

Customer Service

Service delayed is often service canceled. GPS allows cleaning & restoration service owners to be organized and prepared. From more efficient routing, to emergency dispatching of the closest crew, to preventing breakdowns or lost equipment that can delay a job, GPS data allows managers to feel confident in their schedules and their teams’ capacity.

How long do different services take to complete? If schedulers are not factoring that in, crews might be frequently late for customer calls happening later in the day. Use GPS data to create a reference of average times for common calls to ensure better on-time arrivals.

That data also simplifies things when a job is complete. With accurate arrival and departure times, the billing office can easily answer any questions or concerns from customers when a bill comes due. That means fewer late or unpaid bills and more cash on hand to invest in growth.

That reliability is key to references. Referrals from current customers are one of the most powerful ways a small business can grow. Businesses running with GPS have all the tools to be reliable and responsible to their customers.

Scaling Up

GPS data isn’t just for immediate decision making. Taking a look at patterns can be a great place to spot opportunities. How often do customer calls involve a certain piece of equipment? Maybe it’s time to invest in more so you can offer that service to a broader base. Is there expensive equipment that is rarely used? Eliminating those services might free up time for better growth options, as well as saving on maintenance costs and insurance.

Seasonality is important as well. Are certain services more frequent at different times of the year, or in different locations? Use GPS data to know when to increase temporary staff at certain times of the year, and minimize your crews when you can predict things will be slow.

Regulatory Compliance

If particular certifications are required for certain jobs, that’s data you can include on drivers in your GPS system. Group drivers into skill sets to make dispatching and job assignments more accurate and avoid sending unprepared crews to emergency situations.

GPS is a great option for cleaning & restoration businesses looking to prosper and grow. Give us a call today to find out how Linxup’s system can help you.

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